PU 235 Polyurethane Primer

PU 235 Polyurethane Primer Προϊόντα Συγκόλλησης
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Application method:

WAKOL primer roller, short haired velour or foam roller.

Drying time:

Approx. 4-6 hours.


Not below + 5 C, store in a cool place.


Polyurethane resin.


EC1 plus

Available in:

364103 - 11,0 kg



Ready-to-use 1-component polyurethane primer for priming absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors, and to reinforce abraded resp. sanded concrete edges. Also for capillary ascending humidity and higher residual humidity up to 6 CM% / 98 corresponding RH % in cement screeds without floor heating, on heated cement screeds up to max. 3 CM% / 85 corresponding RH % as well as on concrete up to max. 7,5% by weight / 98 corresponding RH %.

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