D 3360 Versa Tack

D 3360 Versa Tack Τοποθέτηση ελαστικών/PVC δαπέδων
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Application method:

Trowel notch size according to TKB A1, A2, B1 or B2.


Approx. 250-550 g/m2.

Airing time:

Approx. 10-20 minutes.

Open time:

Approx. 20-30 minutes.


Not below +5 °C, sensitive to frost.


Acrylate dispersion.



Available in:

324004 - 14.0 kg.


Disersion adhesive for laying linoleum, caoutchouc flooring up to 2.5 mm layer thickness, textile flooring with fleece backing, latex foam backing, synthetic double backing or jute backing, woven textile flooring and needle fleece flooring on absorbent subfloors as well as for PVC and CV flooring on absorbent and non-absorbent subfloors. WAKOL D 3360 corresponds to DIN EN 14259.

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