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New, modern generation of hardwaxoils.

Natural hardwaxoil. Due to its good penetration properties the wood will be preserved, but remains porous and breathable.


  • Smooth and full bodied appearance.

  • One roller application is sufficient.

  • Oxime and cobalt free.

  • Extremely economical to use.

  • Easy and safe application.

  • Water and dirt resistant.

  • Certified anti-slip properties as per DIN EN 16165:2021-12 for work areas.

  • Suitable for children's toys as per EN 71-3

Range of use

Suitable for initial impregnating treatment of hardwood floors. Suitable for children's toys, as the requirements of DIN EN 71-3 - "Migration of certain elements" are met. Anti-slip as per DIN EN 16165:2021-12 evaluation group R10. Suitable for virtually all types of European and exotic timber. Note the LOBA wood types list, which can be found at www.loba.de. If in doubt, consult the factory.

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